All About Dating A Pre-Op Transsexual Woman

Most of the guys who are attracted to transgenders are bisexual. Well, some are bi-curious too. In addition, some guys think that they connect better with a TS than any GG (genetic girl). The thing is, a transgender is in fact a man, and thus understand men better. She knows what men desires and how to fulfill it. So, if you are thinking to date a pre-op transsexual woman, be rest assured, it is going to work just fine and you are going to enjoy every bit of that relationship.

Nevertheless, if it is just sex you want, there are many escort trans working with reputed agencies like You can simply hire them to spend an exciting evening without the risk of entering a committed relationship. Well, again if you are sure about dating a TS, here are some tips and facts you must know…

Things to know before dating a transsexual woman

You are not gay

When a guy gets attracted to a transsexual woman, the first thing he worries about is being a gay. Well, there is one way to ensure whether you are gay or not – Simply focus on the aspects of a trans woman that attracted you. If it is her overall sexy look, her voice, her smile, her laugh, her scent, her every feminine attribute, then it is clear that you are not gay. Gay guys don’t get attracted towards feminine attributes. So, if it’s her femininity that’s attracting you, then relax, you are absolutely and completely straight, and not even turning gay.

Now, since you know you are not gay, and are still attracted to her and wish to pursue it too, take it very slowly. Go with her for a movie or dinner. Talk to her about random things, listen to her, and decide whether you are connecting with her or not. See if you feel relaxed around her and then take the next step. Hold hands, kiss her, and gradually get intimate with her.

Approach her like you would approach any genetic girl

In general, a male to female transsexual person is defined as a woman in a man’s body. So, the important thing to bear in mind is, she is a woman and thus you must approach her like one. Offer her flowers, compliment her on her beauty, please her by taking her on a drive, etc. In simple words, do everything you would with a GG. Every action that a genetic girl will appreciate, a transsexual will do as well.

The last thing you want to do is treat her like a freak. Keep in mind, she has already been through enough disrespect and pain because of gender issues, and thus need no more of it in her life. Be understanding towards her and not sympathetic. Think of the femininity she has and love her for that without thinking about the plumbing issue.

Females are warm and loving beings, and so are transsexual women. Give them the attention and respect they crave and they are yours to love for a lifetime.