What are Different Types of Insulin Medications

If you have to consume insulin in order to treat diabetes, then you have numerous choices available. Basically, there are five common kinds of insulin that could be varied based on duration, peak and onset. Also, you may take more than one insulin depends on your time as well as type of diabetes. Some of the different kinds of insulin medications are given below:

Different Types of Insulin Medications


 Rapid acting insulin 

This type of rapid acting insulin is recommended to take just before or after meals in order to control the spikes in blood sugar level. Typically, this insulin can be used along with longer acting insulin. Once you have taken this insulin, it frequently works within 15 minutes and peaks between 30 and 90 minutes and then lasts for 3 to 5 hours. Once you have taken this before or after eating, it begins to work very fast as soon as possible.

 Short acting insulin 

The short acting insulin normally satisfies your insulin needs during meals. It is recommended to take about 30 minutes to an hour before the meal and it greatly supports to control the levels of blood sugar. Once you have taken this insulin, it takes effect from 30 minutes to one hour and peaks around two to four hours. Also, it effects tend to last around five to eight hours.

The major advantage of taking short acting insulin is that you do not take it after each meal. Rather than, you just take it during breakfast and then supper, which still have a great control, because it lasts a few longer.

 Long acting insulin 

The long acting insulin type has an onset of 1 hour and tends to lasts for 20 to 28 hours with no peak. This type of insulin also satisfies your insulin needs for a whole day. It is recommended to take at the bedtime.

The longer acting insulin is giving 24 hour coverage and has been helpful to get the best blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes even with a single shot.

 Intermediate acting insulin 

The intermediate acting insulin can controls the level of blood sugar for around 12 hours or more than longer. This type of insulin can be often used at overnight. This insulin type starts to work within 1 to 4 hours and also peaks between 4 and 12 hours based on your insulin brand.

This intermediate acting insulin also provides you baseline insulin coverage and can be often used along with rapid acting insulin and short acting insulin.

 Pre-mixed insulin

This kind of pre-mixed insulin mixes with the short and intermediate acting insulin. It is frequently taken two times per day before meals. This insulin should be recommended to take between 10 minutes to 30 minutes before eating. This pre-mixed insulin also takes effect in 5 to 60 minutes and its peak times might be differed. Also, it effects tend to lasts from 10 to 16 hours.

Actually, the pre-mixed insulin is specially designed to be more efficient and convenient as possible. But not every consumer has the similar insulin needs, so they do not fit accurately into the category of pre-mixed insulin.

 Insulin delivery 

Whatever the insulin type you may use, it is recommended to take it properly in a right way. Also, there are not only different types of insulin available, but also several ways of insulin delivery available than ever before. However, the insulin drugs can be a lifesaver that greatly supports to decrease the toxic blood sugar, kidney damage, preventing blindness, nerve damage and also diabetes related difficulties. Before taking any type of insulin, you must be very careful about what you are taking the insulin type perfectly and decrease your health problems.

For people those who need to take supplemental or any other type of external insulin, there are so many various kinds of insulin available to take. Based on your personal insulin requirements, you may pick the most suitable type and ensure that they work absolutely for your body. However, the different kinds of insulin can work differently for different people. Hence, this insulin is a common form of medication that generally used in type 1 diabetes as well as for treating type 2 diabetes.