Tips to Manage Your Taxi Fleet More Effectively


With the emergence of taxi apps some people assume that the traditional taxi service is a goner. Here’s the thing though – all over the world taxi companies are still in demand. True, there is much stiffer competition, but demand for services still exists. The key to succeeding as a modern taxi service is excellent fleet management. You have to manage your vehicles in a way that keeps bringing customers to you. You can start by implementing the following tips:

Employ drivers who understand the service business

Clients will come to you again and again if they feel that they have been treated right. The only way you will achieve a high level of customer satisfaction is if you are careful to employ drivers who understand what it means to be in the service business. They must be courteous, helpful and honest. If you employ people who are only motivated by money you will not get very far.

Make sure that your drivers and operators are able to communicate properly

Imagine that one of your clients calls for a taxi and you tell him that it will be there in 3 minutes – that is what your system in the office tells you. You inform your driver who tries his best but is only able to get there after 10 minutes. The client is already late, and they are not happy with your service. The problem is communication between your drivers and the operations center. If you want to run a successful taxi company you must make sure that your drivers and operators are always in sync so that the client can receive accurate information at all times.

Invest in the right dispatch software

Even in this day and age you will find a majority of taxi companies still rely heavily on phone operators to manage their taxis – they have a large number of people sitting in an office connecting drivers with clients. This method of taxi fleet management is no longer efficient. There is software available that allows drivers to communicate directly with drivers. Not only does it help reduce overheads (you don’t have to pay people to answer phones), it also improves driver efficiency.

Buy a proper fleet management tool

Dispatch software is just one of the tools you need if you are going to run a taxi company profitably. A fleet management app is the other one. A proper fleet management app will be able to tell you all the information you need regarding the cost and efficiency of running your taxis. You will be able to see how far they are travelling, how much fuel that are using, how much you are spending in everyday maintenance, how much you are spending on spare parts and tires and so on. This helps you pinpoint taxis that are costing too much to run, and you can eliminate them from your fleet.

Lastly, make sure that you communicate with your drivers. You may invest in lots of software but this doesn’t take the place of one-on-one communication. Your drivers are out there and they face challenges that you ought to know about if you are going to make your taxi fleet run more efficiently.